Philosophy of Mathematics Association

The International Association for the Philosophy of Mathematics, Inc. (PMA) exists for the purpose of promoting and supporting the study of and research in the philosophy of mathematics.

It construes this subject broadly and takes it to include the study and investigation of pertinent topics in allied subjects and disciplines.

These include parts of the larger study of mathematics, logic, the foundations of mathematics, computer science, cognitive science, the history of mathematics, the history and philosophy of science and philosophy and its history.

The PMA recognizes that the philosophy of mathematics can profitably be studied and investigated
by diverse methods, from vantages afforded by different trainings and from different perspectives.

To facilitate scholarly exchange among the members of this broad and diverse community, the
PMA commits itself to plan and sponsor workshops and conferences, to support publications and ongoing scholarly and professional discussions among its members and to gather and disseminate information of general interest to its members.

For more information and continuing updates visit the PMA website at: