Recent Seminar

• Philosophy of Mathematics in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries (Phil 93917, Fall 2016)

An introduction to the ideas and literature of the major movements in the foundations of mathematics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Special attention will be given to the so-called logicist, formalist and intuitionist schools of foundational thinking and to the reasons for the heightened foundational concern of this period.

Current Seminar

• PhilMath Intersem 8. The role(s) of infinity in the history of mathematics. Spring 2017


Recent & Current PhD Advisees

• Paul McEldowney (U of Notre Dame), in progress, ABD

• Pascal Bertin (U of Paris 7-Diderot), in progress, ABD

• Matteo Bianchetti (U of Notre Dame), in progress, ABD

• Emmylou Haffner (U of Paris 7) (expected Aug 2014)

Thesis: Arithmetization in Richard Dedekind's works, between foundational and mathematical investigations

• Graham Leach-Krouse (expected August 2013)

Thesis: Conceptions of Absolute Provability

• Christopher Porter (2012)

Thesis: Mathematical and Philosophical Perspectives on Algorithmic

• Iulian Toader (2011)

Thesis: Objectivity sans Intelligibility: Hermann Weyl's Symbolic Constructivism

•Sean Walsh (2010)

Thesis: Arithmetical Knowledge and Arithmetical Definability: Four Studies


Select Post-Docs & HDR Advisees

• Andrew Arana (U of Notre Dame, PhD),  Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Paola Cantu (U of Milan, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Renaud Chorlay (U of Paris 1, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Walter Dean (Rutgers U, Philosophy, PhD;  CUNY Graduate School, Computer Science, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Brice Halimi, HDR advisee, U of Paris 7-Diderot

• Sebastien Maronne (U of Paris 7, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Paul McCallion (U of Stirling, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• John Mumma (Carnegie-Mellon U, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Andrei Rodin (Moscow State U, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Fabien Schang (U of Nancy, PhD), Ideals of Proof (IP)

• Ivahn Smadja, member of HDR jury, U of Paris 7-Diderot